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Hi girls I'm back! Did you girls miss me? *haha* I'm so sorry because I'm quite busy for the last 3 days. By the way, today topic is quite command or not interesting at all, but it's okay because this topic are important for those who want to learn/know about fashion and I also suggest this topic for those who want to change their style in fashion. And the topic for today is "7 Basic Fashion Tips". Okay lets move to tips No 1 until 7. *Yeahhhh!!!*

1. Animal Lover ! Please please... I'm bagging to you that never ever ever EVER wear two different animal print together. It clashes & totally takes all color out of your face. If you HAVE to wear animal print wear it on your top half, because if it's on the bottom it make you look like an animal. Honestly speaking !

2. Never wear two different  patterns of lace. Its make you look like you were wrapped up in lacy curtain by a blind person. If your lace top is patterned down,DO NOT WEAR your lace skirt patterned up.

3. If you have naturally long legs, DON'T WEAR SHORT! Some long legs look good in them. But for most, it makes you look life giraffe. If you want to, wear them over tights or leggings.

4. SOCKS AND SANDALS? I means sandals? yeahh sandals not FLATS! Don't misunderstood okay? Yeah Sandal, don't wear it with socks! Its is HORRIBLE, if you want to wear,please wear it with flats, its cute !

5. Don't wear clothes that are too small! * Especially the hijabs girls please don't! Again I'm bagging you ! * . Just wear clothes that you feel comfortable.  * and affordable and be able hahaha okay just joking.*

6. Glitter? Okay this is delicate subject . A little bit too little and it doesn't make an affect but if it is too much and it will make you look like a disco ball. Example, don't wear a glitter shirt with glitter pants and glitter shoes. Its look so TERRIBLE & HORRIBLE . Sorry guys.

7. Denim jackets ! Yeah one of my favorite outfit. But remember don't ever ever wear Denim Jackets with your jeans! Wear it with dress or black skinny pants or short/long skirts . Because it may kills people eyes. JEANS OVER JEANS! NO WAY! *I think you girls understand what I mean right?*

I hope this tips can really really helps you girls in fashion ! Please do leave a comment on my social media or a comments down below for any suggestion topic! By the way, for your information I do a lot of research for my post, all the research that I found I will share with you girls. Here I want to share something that is very important for those who want to know more about beauty.

The actual price is RM90+ .
It very worth it for beginner who want to know more about beauty stuff form head to toe. Including makeup guide as well !

Thats all form me for today, I will be update soon! Maybe once a week. Please keep yourself update to my post. 


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