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Hey girls. I'm back for my new posting. Today topic is about "Fashion Tips" . Yeah, I do some research about fashion & I found out that Skinny Jeans is one of the outfit that you girls like to wear it everyday. I know that Skinny Jeans is very versatile&can suit any type of tops like blouse. Here I want to share some 
"Top Tips for Jeans that Fit a.k.a Skinny Jeans".

1. Don't assume you're certain size , try on as many pairs as possible  as fit varies from brand to brand.
2. If you're buying designer jeans for the first time , invest in the dark wash , as it's more versatile & flattering.
3. If you are lucky enough to have a fat stomach, try a low waistline for better fit. 
4. Never say never to skinny jeans . They can look great on all shapes- particularly balanced by tunic top.
5. However, high-waist skinny jeans are hard to wear unless you're supper skinny/petite.
6. Boot-cut from knee styles enhance all figures... but straight leg are equality suffering for curves.
7. Take appropriate shoes to try on- buy heels and another one is flats.
8. Denim with stretch gives a better fit and won't sag at the knees.

Skinny Jeans with High Boots

Skinny Jeans With Flats
Skinny Jeans with Boots
Skinny Ripped Jeans with Heels

By the way, this is one of my favorite #ootd . The fact is I'm wearing hijab so I can't simply wear something that show or expose to my body shapes, so I will wear Skinny Jeans with extra size blouse or jackets or shirt *that can cover my butt* .

I Hope that this tips can help you girls how to choose or wear right skinny jeans that suit you.

I hope you girls enjoy it. Don't forget to keep yourself update to my latest post. Till we meet again.


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