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Hey girls, here I'm back for my new posting on my blog. Our topic for this week is HANDBAGS OBSESSION! What is obsession mean? Obsession mean "the state of being obsessed with someone or something". 
*HAHAHA its funny right that I could explain the meaning" But its alright, just a little bit information from dictionary a.k.a google translate. Okay back to our topic. I know that some girls *including me* are so obsessed with handbags. Can you girls imagine within 1 weeks I can spend my money to buy 3 handbags? Within a weeks girls! Come on! I'm wasting my money a lot. But yet I'm happy because Handbags is my "Bea/Bae?" haha.

Do you girls still remember my previous post? 

"Being Fashionable doesn't mean we must buy/own expensive stuff ,even a RM6 stuff/thing can make us look fashionable yet we must have confidence".

Yes, I admit that I love original handbag such as Channel, Prada, Celine & etc, but since I was only a student and with our worse current economy right now so I decided to look&survey a handbag that looks same as the original but with affordable price, good quality and of course can put a lot of thing.
*doesn't matter with or without brand"
Here I bought A Handbag (Zara Inspired)  for only RM70. *Online Shopping of course & not an original handbag, Obviously*

But yet when I wear it, my friends think it was an original handbag, because the quality are so good and it was worth it ! I can put a lot of stuff including my novel, powerbank , purse, makeup bag & etc.
& comfortable as well.  So girls, go out and look around , find stuff that you can afford to buy/own and style it with confidence.
Before I leave, I want to inform you girls that "NOSE" at  jusco alpha angle runs a discount up to 50%-70%.

Guess what? I bought this handbag for my mom and it only cost me about RM79.99 after 70% discount. And the actual price was RM200. So cheap & affordable right? So girls go and grab yours now ! This promotion until 31st september 2015.

Thats all from me. Don't forget to keep yourself update to my latest post! Till we meet again.


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