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Hi girls I'm back for my next posting. This time I will give you girls some "Life Hacks Tips"  for girls who is wearing Hijabs. I have tried this method & I would like to share this life hacks with you girls out there. First life hacks is about hair conditioner. Did you know about hair conditioner benefits? Beside making your hair soft and silky smooth it also can make your shawl soft & easy to iron. 

Any type of shawl material but I recommended cotton.

Any brand of conditioner *including hotel conditioners that you girls will never use*  can be use in this life hacks.

First&foremost, after washing your shawl with your laundry soap, rinse your shawl with water & soaked it with hair conditioner & leave it for at least 15 minutes. After that, you can rinse again your shawl & hang it & let it dry by its own. 

Let's move on to our second life hacks that is using coconut oil for hair. I've been using this for almost 4 years because I have this very frizzy hair & hair falls problem. I've tried few hair serum but doesn't work on my hair. My father advise me to use a conventional way that is using this coconut oil that smells like "COCONUT COOKIES" .

This is the brand that I use

This is because if you were to look back at the indians & the singh hair they have very black, thick & shiny hair. For me I will use it at night on my hair and wash it the next morning. I use it once a week & it last for at least a week & also I don't really need a hair conditioner *accept for my shawl haha* .
I will also suggest any other brand of coconut oil if you girls want to try it but the smell is totally different from the brand that I've been using. Beside then coconut oil, you can also apply olive oil because same goes with the Italian , they also have long, black and shiny hair.

In the nut shell, the third life hacks is using baby lotion or any hand lotion as a makeup remover. My mom tried this method & she don't have to spend money on buying makeup remover anymore.

By the way, baby lotion or any hand lotion cost less than buying a makeup remover .

Thats all from me. Until we meet to the next post. Don't forget to keep yourself update to my latest post.


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