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ps: sorry for the grammartical error 

Hello girls, it has been awhile since I'm not updated my blog. I'm quite busy this lately. I even didn't know what the hell I'm doing and make myself busy. So today post I will make a simple post. I will share with you girls who  is my favorite Blogger that inspired me a lot in fashion, beauty & business (of course the main person that inspired me is my parents). My favorite blogger is Vivy Yusof ! I think most of you girls may know her. She is a managing director of Fashion Valet & Duck Scarf. She's married and has 2 children's, Mariam&Daniel. She continued her degree in UK (if I'm not mistaken&same goes with her husband) in Law course (her husndand I'm not sure what course). Actually , I like her style, the way she talk and express her self in fashion. Her fashion quite simple but yet still look elegant and fashionable. And I like the way she perform her self toward business (even though she love fashion and make it as her main job). To me, Fashion Valet can go far in long term,because Vivy has created this idea that everyone around the country/world can just shopping online in "one click". And she collects all the Asian (Malaysia)  designer in one roof, so in other way she open the opportunities for the designer especially our locals to express and show their talent toward fashion. Oh before I forgot, I also love to read her blog (yeah of course la, that why I call her my favorite blogger ,right? haha) You girls should read her blog, so fun & lots of interesting life story. 

Actually, my dreams is I want to run my own business and on my mind right now I have a lot of ideas about business. ( yaa you guys might judge me - "alaa banyak idea konon/bajet speaking/grammar mistake a lot/baru 19 years old dah nk jadi alaa-ala Vivy Yusof" , go ahead. Judge me! I don't care. As long as I be myself and I'm tried my best & my parents always taught me that English is an important language . And from small my father teach me how to speak english. But when I was young, I take thing very easy hehe.) Oh , actually my father is a Business man so maybe I learn a little bit about business from my father. So , I hope that one day I can run my own business (InshaAllah). Oh, but right now I have my own business but just a small business. I selling beauty product. ( I want to run a fashion business, something like selling clothes or have my own brand , but my parents ask me to finish up my studies first. 

By the way, since I was in high school, I learnt economic courses and I continue my foundation in Business courses. And InshaAllah , I will continue my degree. INSHAALLAH! (Not easy to continue degree if you go to the "stupid bloody"college that is so expensive because the course is from UK! and I can get better private college then this college. All about money :'/ NOT EASY I WANNA TO CRY IF I THINK ABOUT IT!!)

Here I leave her blog link for you girls , enjoy!

Her blog is much more better then me and of course because her English is very fluent and her blog is much more attractive then mine , so enjoy it.


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