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Hi girls . I'm back again. Today our topic will be about "My September Favorites". Yaaa, of course my favorite items or stuff  that I bought on September 2015. And I will share with you girls my September favorite items. I'm apologize because I can't upload the actual picture because my camera cable is broken, but don't worry , it still have a pictures of the  items that I bought but of course I search on google. I'm not lying ! Honestly speaking ! I bought all that items okay. Lets move on to the first item that I bought.


Guess what? I bought this jeans for only RM15 but the actual price is RM89.99 at F.O.S ( Cheras Central ). Of course I get discount on that time. 70% discount if I'm not mistaken. I'm totally falling in love with the jeans materials. So soft and comfortable to wear it every day. 
*Don't be jealous okay girls*

The second item that I bought is White Blouse. It's very simple and can suit with all types of pants. For your information, Reject shop now day has been upgrade. Totally different. Believe me! By the way I bought this white blouse end of September 2015 , on that time Reject shop run a discount up to 70% ! So, I bought 2 blouse for only Rm39.99. So worth it! I can suit this blouse with my printed pants that I bought last month (in August).

The third item that I wanna to try and bought is Kiss Proof ! Is trending on twitter and instagram right now. And why not I go and grab one for myself. And I did it ! I grab one for myself and I love it. The color is totally matte and long lasting. It suit me well in red colour and nude and pink *hahaha actually all color suit me* .
I bought it for only RM10 at Vendor Boutique. For beginner that want to try to put on makeup, I suggest to try this lipsticks! Its worth it and cheap and you will love it.

Last but not least, I bought this Canvas tote bag for my class (College) because its huge/big. I totally need a big bag for myself. So , I bought it ! I'm quite surprise that I found the exactly bag that I bought on Google and the price is RM79 and I just bought it for only RM27.99. Same!! Totally same. I bought it at MR D.I.Y . Its so huge and I can put my laptop inside, ya it is canvas material. Big enough for student to put their books, makeup bag & power bank .. etc..

GIRLS GIRLS !!! Bookworms will love this . Because all bookworms may have their own favorite novel of the month/year! Imma right?

And I want to share my September favorite novel ! And the novel tittle is "WHEREVER YOU GO" ! Romantic story and totally love it forever and ever.

I bought this novel at BIG BAD WOLF and cost me only for RM10. 

I suggest you girls to go and find this book. Grab one !! 

I think maybe that all from me. Thanks for reading. Keep supporting my blog.
PLEASE keep in touch with me and much love from me.


Here I leave you girls the review/sinopsis for this novel. 


Holly is still grieving after her boyfriend, Rob, died in a car crash six months ago. Unaware that Rob’s come back as ghost and is watching over her, she’s struggling to move on with her life, even though Jason is making it clear that he wants to get to know her. Holly is burdened by the amount of support she has to provide her family – her mother is working several jobs just to keep the family afloat so she’s never around. And to make things worse, her grandfather Aldo, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, moves in. When Rob realises that he can communicate with Aldo, it’s an opportunity for both men to express their sorrow, and simultaneously help Holly.
Wherever You Go is interesting because it has a very contemporary feel to it. It’s about a young girl coming to terms with her boyfriend’s death and learning to love again, but it has the additional paranormal element. I cannot say I was particularly excited about reading it; I was apprehensive about how the ghost would fit into the story and whether it would come across as contrived. However, I had absolutely nothing to be concerned about because Heather Davis manages to make it seem effortless. Rob’s atypical presence serves a purpose and I also loved reading about his story.
The story is also told in a way I’ve never come across before: the alternating viewpoints consist of Holly in first person, Rob in second, and Jason in third. It sounds like it wouldn’t work, but it gave each character a stand-out voice. I thoroughly enjoyed the alternating narratives and empathised with the four main characters, engrossed with each course of events.
Wherever You Go is a beautiful story about moving on without having to forget the past. It surpassed my expectations.

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