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Hi girls , I'm back for my new posting. Today posting is totally different then before because I will make a review or feedback on this "HOT" item that every girls want to try. It's Maybelline Baby Lips Candy WOW! 
If I'm not mistaken in Malaysia it only have 5 color and flavour . There is Raspberry, Mixed-berry, Peach, Cherry & Orange. And it only cost around RM19+ . So I make a decision to buy and try one. Oh, for your information I'm totally obsessed with lip balm. Now I have about 20 lip balms . And most of them is from maybelline baby lips. 

So , I bought in Raspberry color/flavour. My first impression is , *this lip balm is so yummy! I want to eat it. Hahaha. * Okay just joking. It make my lip moist one whole day & the color are suit for any types of skin. Even my lip is dry but when I wear it, it totally make my lip moist. I'm so impress with this product. And the color is long lasting *oh swear I'm not lying*! I do not regret for buying this product. It totally worth it. So girls! I'm suggest to all the girls out there , if you trying to find a lip balm/lipstick that nice and comfortable to wear everyday, I suggest this product! 100% !! It only cost you around RM19+. You girls can get it from Watson/Guardian. 

Sorry if my review is too short, I just want to point the important "point". I don't like to make it long.It might be such a boring posting, so hope you girls enjoy it. Till we meet again!
Much love.


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