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Hi girls, I'm back for my new posting. Guess what? I think I will make my blog as my journal or diary. So I can share my life or my personal life story with you girls *but not to personal okay* and maybe something new and interesting story too. Oh , by the way this morning I just read Vivy Yusof blog *I will leave the link* and I find out one post that catch my attention or eyes and the tittle was "Oh My English". She mumbling/talk/write up about the interview at FV and all about the interview stuff. And her point is English is so important in today world and not all people can speak fluently in English and especially among the Malay *sorry but this is the fact, please accept it and go & learn it*. And I totally agree with her statement in her blog post because my father always told me and my siblings how important the English language. Yaa, from small my parents teach me and my siblings how to speak, listen and read in English and Alhamdullilah now me and my siblings can understand English even though can't talk very fluently & have a lot of grammar mistake but we can fix it by learn it. How do I improve my English? I read a lot and posting or doing a blog post also is another alternative for me to improve my English. I know that some on my post have grammar mistake , but please, I'm only a normal human and make mistake as well. Even the foreign that speak English fluently also make same mistake like I do, so please feel sorry for me. I think thats all from me. And till we meet again. 

This is the statement that Vivy wrote and I agree with her. Just share what I think it's great and girls please don't judge me. Thank you.

" I’m not sure what the education system is like now, whether it’s changed again to an all-English medium like our parents’ times. For our Gen Z’s sake, I really hope it has because as much as I love our country and our language, the world is soooo much bigger than just us and it can take us far if we can actually speak confidently to the rest of the world. Like it or not, they speak in English. Then, if the next big thing is China, pretty soon, we’re all going to have to take up Mandarin lessons together too! #cannotcatchabreak "


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