By Iqaa Lee - 10:25:00

Hi girls I'm back. Guess what? I'm not doing a review on beauty product but I'm doing a review on book. Yaa, a book! What book? It was The Winner's Brain book that my father bought.

This is the front cover. It was a motivation book. I think it was good for all range of age to read this book. But, my opinion is, I suggest to all the youngster out there please read this book because I find out many youngster out there that didn't want to open up their mind and on their mind just thinking about enjoy, clubing , friends and etc. PLEASE GUYS, SORRY TO SAY ESPECIALLY OUR MALAY YOUNGSTER , please open up your mind. Learn how to understand&talk in English. Doesn't matter whether it is wrong or not. Just learn. Go and find one for yourself. It has a lot of tips to motivate our brain, how to handle stress and how to think wisely.
Sorry if my words is too hard or rude.

I think thats all from me. Down below I will leave you guys some tips and quotes that I found out it is good and meaningful. Until will meet again.



For now, anyone looking for a tired and true method of pursuing a Winner's Brain should take up a proven brain-training technique such as learning new language, playing a musical instrument or do a mathematics exercise. Or, they could practice the one brain-building exercise that study after study shows will result in better overall brain fitness-physical activity. 

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