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Hi girls, I'm back with my new posting. Okay, today posting will be about what I just bought from online shop. But, I advise you girls, if you want to buy something from online shop, better be careful especially things that is import from Korea or China. Let me show you what I just bought from this online shop (actually it was a website).

This is what I want and I bought it. The actual price is about RM100+, but at that time it run a discount so I get it around RM39.

And tadaaaaaa.. This is what I get/receive ! What the hell? It's totally different. Look at the handle? So ugly looking. I wanna cry :(
So girls, please be careful when you want to buy any stuff on online. I bought this from Groupon. Here I leave the link below! The picture may look interesting and beautiful. And oh yaa the price make you want to buy them! But please girls! Not worth itttt!
So, on the day that I receive my parcel which is my handbags (ya I love handbags, I will buy any types of handbags, doesn't matter about the price. ya quite "membazir" right?) I was so disappointed! It look so ugly. So my mother decide to add some accessories to make it look more attractive and cute.

Tadaaaa.. My mother put some beads on it (in front&back)! 

Yaa it looks so cute and now I wear it everyday! Ohh about the handle? I just leave it like that. It's okay, I can make this back just like a sling bag! So, don't bother about the handle.

So girls, if you have stuff that you think it's ugly, try to do some D.I.Y and make it looks cute! Believe me, you will love it!
That's all from me.


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