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I'm totally speechless girls!? Thank you so much because you girls are willing to waste your time on my blog pages. Reading all my posting that totally sucks and have a lot of grammar mistakes. I'm totally appreciate it. Unexpected ! Totally unexpected that within a month I gain 1K viewers and after 2months plus almost 3months I gain 2K viewers. Wowwww.. Thanks a lot! Why I'm that happy? Because it's not easy to make a blog , make people want to read my blog more and more and the most important part is that, I want to help all the people out there (especially teenager girls) to keep inspired by my posting or anything that I like to share either it's about beauty, fashion, life or anything else. I don't want to be famous or what. I'm just an ordinary girl who lives in the city of Kuala Lumpur and like to share my 'girls' things! Fashion, makeup, shopping, typical girls life stories and etc. That's all ! I hope all my readers will keep support me and please please tell me or inform me if I made any mistakes that you girls don't like. I accept all the negative and positive comments, but don't hate me ! okay?! Oh before I forgot, do click the follow button down bellow (by web view) or please recommended it , because I will make a gift away when my blog viewer hits 3K! Yeahhhh. 
Okay , I hope we will meet again on my next post. 
Lots of love from me❤️‍

By the way girls, never give up on what you want to achieve. Maybe it's hard but remember :

" The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender & Failure only makes you work harder" !

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