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p/s : Please excuse my grammar mistakes, because right now it's 4.47am. Thank you.

Hello girls and happy holiday to all my girl-friends out there (my readers is my girl-friends okay!? deal!) . Ohh and Merry Christmas to all Malaysian that who celebrate Christmas. First and foremost I'm really sorry because it has been a long time since the last time I updated my blog. I'm quite busy this lately, settle up my College issues and etc. I have some news to share with you girls. I have a bad news and a good news. The good news is that , this January I will continue my Degree in a University , Alhamdullilah and the bad news is that I must stay in the dorm. It's because I'm a freshman student. I hate it! I'm a very scatty person, I always need my mom to do that and this. I can't leave independently ! I need my sister's to sleep beside me. I never sleep alone tho. And I'm scared of everything. When I'm alone , it always reminds me about all the ghost and horror movies that I have watch. The fact is, I like to watch horror movies but I'm a very coward person. How can? argghhhh... This is absolutely not my choice to stay in the dorm but this is one of the University rules that I MUST FOLLOW! Damn gosh.. I hope I will be fine. Insha'allah.

I MUST MUSTTTT stop watching horror movies or read horror stories. And I must tell my father to stop watching horror movies too. Because he's one of the horror movie fans. Idk why.. Maybe it's because my father's life is as "horror" like the horror movie too.

Hahaha okay I'm just joking, don't be to serious !

I promise to myself that I won't watch horror movies and read horror stories ANYMORE. Swear ! If I'm bored, I will force myself to watch romance movies or cartoons. It's okay, only for 4 months I must stay in the dorm. After 4 months I can stay by my own, no no..  I mean stay at my house back.

Talking about staying in the dorm, maybe you girls are wondering if I already packed my stuffs or do some shopping for my "BACK TO SCHOOL/UNIVERSITY" right? Hahahaha , it's normal for girls to do early preparation. Okay for your information, yes! I have done some of it but not all yet. I bought some necessary stuff first and pack things that are important. And I will start packing and shopping back a week before I leave. If I have time, I will make a haul post "BACK TO SCHOOL". I'm not promising anything but I will try to find some time okay?!

It's a week away to NEW YEAR! Yeahhh..

 I wish 2016 will be a meaningful, great , bless and loving year to me like 2015 did!
 2015 have taught me a lot about life. How I stand up for myself, how I feel when problems come and how I face it. Ohh and thanks to my STUPID BLOODY COLLEGE too because you have taught me how to fight and face problems with UNINTELLIGENT ADMINISTRATION PEOPLE. I really really reallyyyy appreciate your kindness for giving me this opportunities. Thank you so much.
And thanks to my parents too because never give up and surrender to teach me and babbling every single day. I learnt a lot about life when I start to realize how hard life is. Thank you Babah because you always babbling every now and then about HOW HARD LIFE IS, you have replace Mama place when it's come to babbling hahah. Congrats ! But it's fact about what Babah always told me. And I listen to it, about Islam, Educations, Rasulullah, the new world order and etc..
I hope you girls have learnt something interesting about life and take them as lessons in 2015 and create a new life chapters in 2016.
Wish you all the best and may God bless you.

Any questions? You girls can add me on Snapchat ( iqaalee ) . REMEMBER, ONLY GIRLS!!  And that's all from me. Hope you girls enjoy reading about my life story , and ohh if you girls don't mind please share your interesting life story with me by dropping a comment down below.


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