By Iqaa Lee - 08:57:00

Hectic day ughhhh... I'm really sorry girls because it has been quite a long time I didn't update my blog. I have lots of assignment to do, lots of projects and task. Wish me all the best girls hihihi. Recently, I went to Times Square with my xoxo (yaa of course boyfriend) and we talk a lot about our Uni life, such a boring topic right? But what to do, that is the only thing that play on our mind these day. Babe babe babe degree life is freaking hard, sometimes I feel like giving up but I wound't do that because I face lots of issues and problem before I continue my degree so I WILL NOT GIVE UP, OKAY?!
.. until now I still don't understand why my lecture is freaking ridiculous guys. They give us a lot of assignment like hell... and within a short period we need to submit ? and didn't teach much. What? 
ohhhh and I didn't have a best-friends or friends or a real real friends yet at my Uni. It hard for me to trust people these day. I don't know why...different people have their own opinion and thought right? so please excuse me&sorry. Ohhh girlss.. Please excuse my grammar mistake because rn 12am girls. I'm sleepy rn & yaaa have a great day and enjoy your life. Remember,never give up on what you want to achieve :)


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