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Hi girls, I dont want to make this posting too longgg but yaaa...
Here, I want to share with you girls my daily basis accessories that I love to wear on my daily basis. 
Remember girls
"Less is More" ! <3

Sling Bag from Brand Outlet (Ampang Point), Watch from Polo, Ring from Vincci and Bracelet from Sarawak.

I chose my watch in rose gold color (inside) because to me it is unique and quite beautiful. It will make your outfit looks elegant while wearing this watch. And my ring is in gold&white color (Sorry because you girls cant really see it).

My bag is actually not an original leather bag but it is an inspired leather sling bag. I have been using this bag for almost a year but the quality is so far so good!
 THUMBS UP <3 and yaa I add on some bag accessories tehee! To me it looks cute!
Here's the full picture!
Hopefully this posting may help you girls to choose the right accessories for daily basis. Remember girls, it's not about the brand but it's how you wear it! 

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