By Iqaa Lee - 22:43:00

Yesterday I went to ISETAN-THE JAPAN STORE with my boyfieee and I'm quite like it. The concept,decoration and style are totally looks like the Japan Store at Japans. I'm so amaze.. like WOW!! The best part about it is that, they have a cafe where you guys can read while having a cup of tea & a slice of cake. Sounds so classy right? Go and gain some experience there guys, I know it sounds like typical shopping complex tour story but.. just gooo! There is so many new things there. Trust me and I swear you guys will totally love it *Finger Cross*! To be honest, the stuffs there is quite pricey especially the clothes but the food is quite nice and the price is "50/50"to me. 
p/s: picture taken by me not Mr.Google.

Thank you for reading!
Love, Iqaa.

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