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Hi girls, I'm back with another new post and today post is about Halal Cosmetics ! Yes, HALAL! I know sounds a little bit weird but I SWEAR it is HALAL. It really suits for girls who always be doubtful when it comes to cosmetics whether it is Halal or not but don't worry ORKID COSMETICS  is here to serve you.

By the way, they sent me 6 beautiful Matte Suede Liquid Lipsticks and I REALLY REALLY LOVE THEM ALL!!
I'm obsessed !

I love how the packaging looks like, it is really cute and so so so unique!

These are all the 6 shades that they have. My favorite colours are Dime and Deja Vu because it's really make my makeup look, looks amazing and sexier!

From Left
Luv - Deja Vu - Dime
From Left
Slay -  Lava - Chicky Baby
From Left
Deja Vu - Luv - Lava - Dime - Slay - Chicky Baby
From Left
Deja Vu - Luv - Lava - Dime - Slay - Chicky Baby

Basically all these colour suit for all skin tones. You really can slay it without worrying about your skin colour. Honestly speaking, the packaging is quite simple yet still looks cute&presentable. 

This is how the applicator looks like. Basically the applicator just look like a normal applicator on Liquid lipstick. 

Let's talk about the texture. Based on what I believe, the texture is basically a creamy texture, not a liquid texture even it wrote there "Creamy Liquid Lipstick" because it is easy to dry and doesn't feel sticky at all. Normally a liquid texture will feel so sticky and moist but this one is really creamy and dry fast. But to those who have a dry&crack lips please apply a lip balm first before you wear this because it will make your lips hurt like hell like I mentioned above it is easy to dry.

The best part about this creamy liquid lipstick is that, it really stay on my lips event I'm eating or drinking and this makes my life much more easier because I didn't need to reapply it.

It doesn't have any taste or smell at all. 

To be honest, this is the best local brand that I ever tried. Yes I might said the same things on my previous post but this one are really the best CREAMY LIQUID LIPSTICK ever! 

From Bottom To Above
Deja Vu - Slay - Chicky Baby - Lava - Dime - Luv

From Bottom To Above
Deja Vu - Slay - Chicky Baby - Lava - Dime - Luv
So these are the swatches. Like I said the color is so pretty and very pigmented.
So, for hijabis or muslim what do you waiting for? Hurry up and try it because for sure this is a HALAL & CRUELTY FREEEE! 

By the way the price is RM39 each and it is free shipping with orders above RM50 for West Malaysia and RM100 East Malaysia.

Don't be doubtful :)

Feel free to click this list and purchase it 

Halal Cosmetics
Halal Cosmetics
and also can whatsapp at +60104216681 to purhcase.

Ohh before I forgot, use this Code to get a 10% off

Valid till 30/6/2017.

And do visit their Instagram to know more


I hope this post really help you girls especially the muslim. If you girls have any comments or suggestion please leave it down below. 

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