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Every girl wants to look pretty in their own way and makeup is a MUST for girls. I may be lying if I say that not every girl loves makeup because to me every girl loves makeup despite she is a Black Matter-ish or a Tomboyish because they still wear black eyeliner&black eyeshadows to make their eyes look bigger or even blacker to present themselves. 

 Every girl wants to venture in this makeup world since it's been a trend among the girls for a very long time. Makeup is something that girls can show and express their talent and passion. 

Okay, it cannot be denied that as much as we want to look pretty all the time, there are times when carrying all that makeup is a burden. So how do you want to look pretty and still have a peace of mind? A woman must be smart in taking the makeup items which you will use and still be able to look stunning. Forget that foundation, makeup brushes and eyeshadows as you can still appear amazing even with these three picks. 

So, for girls that are still new and want to step into this makeup world, I really recommend these top 3 basic makeup items that you girls MUST have!


By applying some lipstick on your lips, it will automatically make your face appear more fresh. It does not matter what colour you apply, lipsticks will always work its wonders for your look. However, do try to bring a light pink shade or a nude natural shade as it is easier to match with any outfit you bring along. Therefore, it is crucial to always have it with you at all times (DEFINITELY!). Just throw it into your handbag and you will definitely feel more secured every time you step out of the house and anywhere you go! 


I'm not a big fan of eyeliner but it's really changed my life when I'm in a rush and in need to make my eyes look fresher.

Eyes are important as it is the area where someone stares when making a conversation and through eyes also makes people fall in love. You should leave that mascara, eyeshadows and highlighters at home and only bring a black eyeliner. You can apply a thin or thick layer of eyeliner onto your eyelids and your face will completely transform. So simple! Try a thick layer for a bold dramatic sexy look or go thin for a natural appearance.


Concealer or a color corrector (Whatever you girls call it) is a life saver! 
Yes, we do have some spots and blemishes we will like to cover but bringing foundation can be a fuss so the easiest tool is to bring a concealer. Oh! Remember concealer also can be used or applied as a foundation. Dab it onto the trouble areas or blemishes and blend it in nicely, you can use fingertip and no need to bring brushes. No one will notice your imperfections and you will still maintain a natural makeup look. 

So, I hope these top 3 makeup items will help you girls to be more confident and look more presentable. 
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Love, Iqaa.

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