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Have you girls heard of Alapnian Lip Cream? If not, let me explain a little bit about it. Alapnian is a Malaysia makeup brand and for now, it has only lip cream on sale.

Basically they only have Lip Cream range with 15 shades and all the colors are the!

This is how the packaging looks like. I love the packaging because it is gold in color and the design is so glamorousIt suits for girls who love glam or luxury look or maybe for boys out there who are looking for what to give to their lovely girlfriend or mother. The price is reasonable but yet it is pretty deluxe too so, why not?

This is how the applicator looks like. To be honest, the applicator is just like a normal matte lipstick that you girls can find at a drugstore or any beauty/makeup stores and it is easy to apply on your lips like usual.

This is the shade that I received recently. Two of my winners giveaway chose Kuntum&Zaiton and mine is Seroja. 




These are the swatches from different angles. 
I really like how pigmented it is! It tastes like chocolate too! Yummy!
(Yes I licked it)
The texture is quite smooth, dry faster and it is hard to remove  but that's what we girl want right? So you don't need to reapply it over and over again. This lip cream is totally a good quality one even though it is just a local brand but trust me, you girls will like it just as much as I do.
To be honest, when you apply on your lips, it feels like you are wearing the Stila Matte Lipstick! I SWEAR! Ohh ohh and it contains vitamin E as well! 
But my advice to girls who have dry lips please, please apply lip balm first before apply this lip cream if not your lips will crack like hell! Like I mentioned above, it dries fast.
This is my honest opinion on this product :)

So girls, go check them out on Instagram x)
Please click :

So, I hope this review will help you girls find a good local lip cream. That's all from me and will talk to you girls more on my next post!



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