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Hi girls, I'm back HAHA x)
So today's review is about this awesome loose powder&foundation from Touch Minerals and it contains COLLAGEN!!! Arghhhh! Okay okay, I know, sounds weird but let me explain first.

Basically this product is focusing more on MINERAL MAKEUP and what is MINERAL MAKEUP? Here's the explanation ;

Mineral makeup is made up of minerals such as iron oxide, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They are ground, milled and broken into very tiny particles to create the makeup. Traditional makeup uses preservatives like parabens, chemical dyes. fragrances, binding agents (that used in compact powder), mineral oils (found in liquid foundation) and talc.

The absence of the ingredients above makes mineral makeup non comedogenic and pore friendly. Thus mineral makeup does not clog pores and eventually does not irritate skin. Thus it is a definite solution as it works wonders and choice for those with sensitive skin and acne prone skin.

Mineral makeup provides excellent skin protection while nourishing the skin simply leaves the flawless look that you want!

As makeup is the longest thing left on your skin, doesn't it make sense that mineral makeup is the best choice for healthier beautiful skin?

This is how the packaging looks like. Just like a normal loose powder packaging but it is easier to bring anywhere you go.

Here is how the texture looks like x) It is very smooth, easy to apply and very fine.

To be honest, I really like this loose powder&foundation. It is a multi purpose makeup but I DON'T RECOMMEND you girls use it as baking powder because it will make your under eyes look even worse! But basically it works very well as my loose powder and foundation at the same time.
Usually, I will apply my foundation first, then put it on the top of my base but if I'm late to class I will just apply it on my bare skin! BUT I SWEAR it looks better without the base!
OHHH.. it also has SPF25 for sun protection and lasts for 16 hoursss x)

Before I forgot, this touch minerals loose powder&foundation only absorbs oil for oily skin type because my mom tried it on her face and her skin got even drier! because she has dry skin type. So girls, my advice is for you to just try with the makeup first and look which way suit your skin type. Don't worry because it has collagen&suits for sensitive skin so it would not damage your skin.

So girls, go check them out! It freaking affordable and cheap!
Only cost RM39.90 (S.M) &RM43.90 (S.S).

Visit their Instagram and do purchase it at

I hope this review will help you girls to find a good&affordable loose powder & foundation and yaa, see you on my next post x)



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