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Hey, girls, I'm back with another new posting. Yup another review about our local matte liquid lipstick. As you girls know I do a lot of review on our local liquid lipstick but this one totally catches my eyes. It's not because of the packaging but the taste of the lipstick itself makes me love them. It tastes so gooddddd!

But, the packaging kinda cute too! HAHA. 

So here, 
I introduce Khenifra KL Matte Liquid Lipstick. 
The name itself sounds cool, right?

They have sent me 2 shades which are SHAY and BAKLAVA. 
The nude and bold shades. 

My favorite color is BAKLAVA because the color looks very outstanding and makes my lips look even bigger, haha, and I'm wearing SHAY for my daily basis too.



Here is how the packaging looks like. 

It is minimal and cute. Black&white really makes me feel luxurious and elegant at the same time.

Can you girls see the illustration/drawing on the packaging? It reminds me of this one brand when I was 7-8 years old (Cant remember what cartoon/brand was it), 
I really love that brand and yeah it is a COMEBACK from Khenifra.

To be honest, overall, including the applicator looks kinda normal on every liquid lipstick but the applicator for this one is a little bit smaller and easy to apply in every corner on your lips and it applies very smoothly.

This is how the applicator looks like. 



The color is quite pigmented and tastes so good (Okay okay I already repeat this thing almost 100 times)! It tastes like vanilla-chocolate thingy thing and minty. I keep licking my lips every time I'm wearing it. It is easy to dry, a little bit sticky and moisturizes.

The only thing about this matte liquid lipstick is, the SHAY shades much easier to fade off but BAKLAVA stick on my lips all day long. Maybe SHAY is a nude shade so the color is easy to fade off but hey, I'm okay with it. Chill.

Yup, it is a full-coverage matte liquid lipstick and kiss-proof as well even it's a little bit sticky.

So these are the swatches.

From Left

From Left

From Left

The color is so pretty and effortless beauty isn't?

So, what do you girls waiting for?
Go check them out NOW! 

RM45.OO each! 

You girls can get them at Khenifra KL Instagram 
or contact them directly at khenifrakl@gmail.com 
or just WhatsApp them at 
Also, you girls can get it at 
shopee.com.my/khenifrakl .

If you girls want to try this local matte liquid lipstick for FREE, 
make sure to follow me on
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Hit till 600 followers 
and I will pick 2 followers and they can choose any color that they want from 
Khenifra KL Instagram 

Thank you for reading and till we meet again.

Iqaa Lee ❤️

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