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When come in choosing a liquid lipstick, girls will definitely pick a pigmented one. Who doesn't love a liquid lipstick that have a good pigmentation? But normally pigmented liquid lipstick is pricey than usual. Guess what? Today I'm going to introduce one of our local brands that has a really pigmented liquid lipstick evah! It is super duper cheap. 
Here, say Hi to

 IFXCOSMETICS is a Malaysia brand and based in Malaysia.
They have several colors of liquid lipstick that you girls can check them out at @ifxdotco.

They send me 3 shades and I'm giving away one of them to my lucky follower on Instagram. 
With that being said, I will only review 2 of this liquid lipsticks.
Anyway, do check them out at @iqaalee_.

 So here is how the packaging looks like. It came with a very cute&funky box with an illustrator that totally make every girl want to own it. Inside, we can see that it came with a Thank You card and a pouch/makeup bag. Really cool isn't it? 
Can we take a moment to appreciate this cute&stunning packaging that they have? 
I am in love with this packaging girls.

So, this is the 2 shades that I'm going to swatch and review.
The first one is GRETA & the second one is CANDY FLOSS.

From Right

From Top

From Top

 This is the swatches.
 It is very pigmented and has a full coverage formulation. Only with one swipe, you girls can see the pigmentation on your lips. The color is so vibrant & gorgeous.  

GRETA is a very peachy-orangy-brownish color and CANDY FLOSS is a very bright pink. 
GRETA suit for all type of skin colors and to be honest, CANDY FLOSS more suitable for whoever has a very high confidence level to wear it.  But I love both colors.  It has a little bit of chocolate sense and tastes yummy. But, please don't lick it, girls, HAHA.

The applicator is very small and easy to apply in every corner of your lips. Oh, don't be surprised it can pick-up lots of products even it is small.

I can say that this is the most pigmented liquid lipstick I had ever tried from our local brand so far. I can give 4.5/5 for the pigmentation but sad to said that it is a kiss-proof but not really a waterproof type of liquid lipstick. I can give 3.8/5 for kiss-proof and 2/5 for water-proof. The texture is in between, first, when you apply it you will feel a little bit sticky and after a few minutes, it feels dry. Do you get it what I mean? I advise for those of you girls that have dry lips please please wear a lip balm or scrub your lips before applying it because it is quite dry. 

To be very honest, it doesn't stay on your lips if you eat an oily food and please don't 
re-apply it after eating oily food. You need to wash your mouth or wipe it then apply. If you girls try to re-apply it as usual, it will totally look patchy.

Overall -
Pigmentation: 4.5/5
Color: 4.6/5
Applicator: 4/5
Sense: 3.5/5
Kiss-proof: 3.8/5
Water-proof: 2/5

Details -
Price: 39MYR EACH.
Postage: RM8 SM & RM10 SS .

Buy 3 and above GET FREE 2 random gift.

Do check them out at @ifxdotco or can contact them directly at 017-6195816 NOW!

So, what do you girls waiting for? Go and grab one! 

Thank you for reading. 
Comment down below if you girls have any question or else.
Let's be friends on my Instagram @iqaalee_.

Iqaa Lee.

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