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"I was offered free products without any advertising fees, and I was also asked to use this product for a few weeks and give honest reviews. "

These days, Korean pop or better known as Kpop has widely spread out around the world and more people are getting themselves into it. Since Kpop has become phenomena, people tend to follow their trend including fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Koreans today are famous for their beauty as well. We can see that majority of Korean celebrities have smooth and flawless skin. Not only that, they are also known about for their k-beauty products that make their skin glow and dewy all day long. 

Before Kpop started to hit the world, people will choose/pick international brands like Estee Lauder, Chanel, Biore, Loreal etc for their skincare.

But today,  people would rather spend their money on Korean skincare. 

So, talking about Korean skincare, today, I want to introduce this one brand from Korea and it is found by this one actress that I assume everyone knows her if you guys have watched this Korean series called Secret Garden and she is Ha Ji-won. 

The brand is called J.One Cosmetic. It is launched in June 2015 and surprisingly on the first day of launch, the products were SOLD OUT within an hour and a half. 

So, part of their team or vendors are generous enough to contact me and sent me their products for me to test out. 

Here is how the packaging looks like. Oh, by the way, Beureka is one of their distributors or vendors that sell J.One Cosmetic online. 

The box looks simple yet it has its own style. I love how simple Korean products packaging usually is and this one is just as nice!

On the inside, it has 3 products. 




So, this is how the J.one Jelly pack looks like.

The packaging looks simple yet luxurious. Yes, the bottle is plastic but it is the heavy kind of plastic, which I like. 

To be honest, this is one of my favourite products in their range, because it functions both as primer and skincare. 

This product basically is a primer, a gripper for makeup based but it really works as morning and night mask. I usually wear it as night mask because it helps to moisturize my skin and makes my skin feel dewy when I wake up the next morning. Not only that, it also prevents my skin from the dirty air.

As a primer, it really makes my makeup stay all day long. I tried to sleep with my makeup on and when I woke up, my makeup still looks on point with the help of this primer. 
Okay, girls, don't try to sleep with your makeup on, I just tried for a couple of hours.

The bad thing about this product is, it is too sticky, feels like putting glue on your face. But after putting it and blend it, it's dry like a normal product and doesn't feel sticky anymore.  But for me, it doesn't matter because it works well. If you girls dont like things that feel sticky on your face, so I don't recommend it. 

This is how the texture looks like. It is clearly transparent but sticky.

The next product is J.one Hana Cream.

This Hana Cream is such a holy grail and a lifesaver for me! It really makes my skin look moisturized, dewy, glowing and my skin doesn't look pale even when I'm not wearing any makeup. It's also reducing my wrinkles because it is an anti-ageing cream. Yeah, it is a multi-purpose product. Even I don't have any wrinkles but at least I'm trying to avoid it. 

The texture is so moisturizing, doesn't feel creamy at all. It has a few fragrance smells and I don't recommend it if you girls are allergic to fragrance and I don't recommend it to girls who have super oily skin type because this product really helps moisturizes your skin like WOW!

And yes, it is sticky too but not as sticky as the previous product.

So, how to apply it? Just take one capsule or pearl, put on your palm, press it and just apply on your face. Don't worry, it just like a normal product, just the look is a little bit unique. 

Oh, before I forget, it came with a small spatula so you girls can take the product by using it. It is more hygienic. 

The last product is this J.one Jelly Pack Vita Mask.

As you girls can see, it has step 01 and step 02. Step 02 is J.one Jelly Pack.

So let's talk about step 01, it is the vita mask. 
I like how the formula/product works on my skin, yes, it's moisturizing but it makes my skin itchy and turns red. I don't know why, maybe because of the fragrance, yes this mask has a very strong smell than the Hana cream. But. I don't hate this product, it works well on my mom's skin. So, I can say that this product works best for dry skin type. 

It is super duper MOISTURIZING! 

Basically, all these products have good and natural ingredients that won't affect our skin. But maybe the fragrance or smell may affect certain allergy skin type. 

You girls can check my video out on YouTube to see how I apply and use these products + review. So, here is the link

But girls, I really really recommend the J.ONE JELLY PACK because it is the best MAKEUP PRIMER I have ever TRIED in my life. 

No worries, here is the link and discount code, so that you girls can purchase it at a lower price. 


Purchase link: https://goo.gl/BmwPCN

Use this code to get a free gift : [IQAA10]
Use this code to get discount : [BEUREKAX]
Instagram: @jonecosmetic
Overall -
J.ONE JELLY PACK [ 9.9/10]

And here, a little bit more details about the products.

This anti-wrinkles cream completed clinical tests regarding wrinkles in the eye, nasolabial fold, forehead, and neck. A pearl filled with nutrition embraces sagging skin and make it firm. When it reaches the skin, the pure and fresh active ingredients are delivered to the skin.

Rich nutrition gives lasting corset effect, creating firm skin. When you gently pat it on the skin, it will adhere to skin and create s silky smooth skin. It takes care of the skin which became rough due to the harmful external environment by enhancing the protection function of the skin.

Contains fullerenes vitamin C derivates. Hydrates and makes dull and loose skin glow. The ingredients are mild enough for sensitive skin and provide long-lasting moisture to your skin.

So, I hope this posting may help you, girls, to know more about Asian skincare and choose the right ones. For me, I believe, Asian skincare is still the best because we Asian have our own skin type. 

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @iqaalee_ and till we meet again.

Thank you for reading.

Iqaa Lee.

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