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Soapnut is an extremely versatile plant-based product obtained from the Soapnut Tree. The black berry produced by the tree is dried, deseeded and the outer shell is used in various applications. Loaded with saponin, soapnut makes an excellent surfactant and is popularly used as a natural cleaning agent. Moreover, the mild nature of soapnut and its nourishing properties make it a popular choice for skin and hair care products.

Eager to experience the marvellous benefits of soapnut
Read on to know the different ways in which soapnut can be used.

Natural Laundry Detergent:

The presence of saponin makes soapnut an effective laundry soap. The saponin in soapnut functions as a natural surfactant and lowers the surface tension of water. This results in the grime, oil and dirt being loosened from the fabric. Moreover, the gentle nature of soapnut ensures that the quality and colour of the fabric is maintained. With its ability to soften clothes, it can also be used as a natural fabric conditioner to add a fresh feel to fabrics. If you are looking for a natural alternative to chemical-laden detergents, soapnuts are a great choice.

Dishwashing Soap:

The property of being highly-effective yet gentle makes soapnut an incredible cleaning agent. It can be conveniently used to wash dishes, cutlery, pans and glasses. You can make a homemade dish soap or an all-purpose cleaner. A few drops of lemon essential oil can also be added to your soap for a refreshing fragrance.

Soapnut Shampoo:

Soapnut is commonly used in hair care products and works as a natural conditioner to make the hair smooth and manageable. It is a great cleanser, enriched with Vitamins to make your hair soft and lustrous. You can easily make a soapnut shampoo at home and even add other natural ingredients for added benefits.

Skin Cleanser:

Mild and natural, soapnut can be used not only to cleanse the skin but also to nourish it. It is used in lotions, body washes and makes the perfect ingredient for sensitive skin. A homemade soapnut body wash is a great alternative and can make your skin feel softer and smoother.

Multi-purpose Cleaner:

Gentle and non-toxic, soapnut can be used to prepare an all-purpose household cleaner which can be used to clean almost everything in your home. It is an eco-friendly cleaning solution that can be employed to clean surfaces, floors, sinks, bathtubs and even jewellery. It is perfectly safe for various applications and can impart a sparkling clean look to surfaces. Adding essentials oil to your homemade cleaner not only helps to preserve the solution but also imparts a fresh fragrance.

With its incredible benefits, soapnut is a must-have for your home. Looking for natural and pure soapnut in Australia?

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