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Everyone in this world has their own taste and sense. Same goes with fashion. Nowadays, everyone wants to look good and stylish. This fact cannot be denied because we live in an era where fashion has become a big part of our life. It does not matter where you buy or get your clothes. Even thrift shopping is a part of fashion hunting/shopping as well. People do follow trend these days but are really into that trend? Does that trend really suit you? Have you ever wondered about that? Just because something is on trend, doesn't mean you have to follow it. Something becomes trendy only when a famous people or social influences wear it, then people would start following them. So, why not we create our own trend? From that, we can create our own trademark. It might be hard to find our own fashion sense but by following these tips, you will know what your fashion sense is. Enjoy and have fun styling!

1. Know yourself.

You need to know yourself. Don't let other people decide what you need to wear and what you need to choose. Let say, you hate wearing heels or look feminine, then wear or choose something in a middle, like wearing sneakers or flats shoes. Pair them with skinny jeans and leather jacket for the outerwear. But, if you are the type of person who loves the girlish stuff, then go for heels, skirt, dress or any bright colored outfit. Remember, as long as you enjoy being yourself wearing something you are cozy with.

2. Avoid following trends.

Once you start to follow trends, you will totally lose your track because you don't even know your own personality. You can take that trend as an inspiration but don't follow them 100%. Improvise it to suit your own personal style. 

3. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable.

Fashion comes when you wear something that you feel comfortable in. When you feel comfortable wearing it, the outfit/style will totally blend with your personality and it becomes your own TREND. Do add some statement pieces to enhance your overall appearance.

4. Be unique.

Becoming unique doesn't mean you have to wear something weird. Be unique is when you start to create your own trademark in fashion. For example, some women have their own style and trademark which they like to wear straight cut pants and palazzo with heels to elongate their figure. Know your ways around your outfits to make yourself look nice and shine your personality with ease. 

Fashion is not about following people's trend or spending lots of money on your outfit. It is about being your true self and how you represent it. Remember, it is how you wear it, it's not about the brand or style, but you! 

Hope this posting may help you to find your own fashion sense by following these simple steps. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment box section below and hope you guys have an amazing day. Keep slaying! 

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