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"I was offered free products without any advertising fees, and I was also asked to use this product for a few weeks and give honest reviews. "

So, hello guys! I'm back! 

Recently I have been testing lots of new skincare products and basically, all from Korea and for today's posting I'm going to share with you guys about this one brand from Korea as well, known as Aqutop. I think lots of you guys know about this brand. So, like my previous posting, the same company/vendor called Beureka sent me these products for me to test them out. To be honest, I'm obsessed with Korean skincare these days.

They sent me 3 products which are the cleanser, moisturizer and body lotion.

This is how the box and packaging looks like.

One thing about Korean products is that the packaging looks simple but it has its own identity and touch which I love.

So, the first product is the Aqutop Perfect Clean Cleansing Foam, Deep cleansing elasticity with black bean.

This cleansing states that it suits for all skin types but to be frank, it only suits for oily skin type, like my skin. For me, I have oily & sensitive skin so i
t doesn't give any big changes or impact towards my skin but I noticed that my skin feels a little bit soft, elastic and firm. However, it helps to reduce oil around my T-Zone area.  

This is how the texture looks like.

 It produces thick foam when you wash your face using water. It doesn't make your skin feel moisturized but freshed. 
After 5 months of using this cleanser, I noticed that my skin became fairer, which makes my skin a little bit moisturized and smooth! (It is not a whitening product!)

The next product that they sent is the Moisturizing signature tone-up cream with whitening, wrinkle care and moisturizing.

It came with a spatula so that it is more hygienic when using it.

This is how the texture looks like. 

It is thick and when you apply it on your face, it gives you the whitening effect, like putting a white cast on your face. It does moisturize your skin a little but for a dry or very sensitive skin, I do not recommend it.  Anyway, it helps to balance up my skin tone which I like!
Still, the best part about this moisturizer is that, it has been formulated for wrinkles care which something I'm digging into. 

And the last product is the Smoothing signature tone-up body lotion.

Honestly speaking, this lotion works like a normal lotion which we can get from any drugstore and supermarket. It didn't make my skin feel moisturized. Here is a disclaimer, for a person who is mostly indoors , I don't think this is for me.

Yes, it gives you a whitening effect after wearing it for a few days but I'm not into it but it smells so good which I love it so much! 

My final thought.

I love how the packaging looks like. It does give you the Korean vibes and it is reasonable for the price. However, you girls still can get a better products for the same price.

I prefer the previous products they sent me which is the J.One Cosmetic. 
I'm not hating these products but they didn't give many changes towards my skin and the formula for these products focus more on whitening.

But, if you girls want to give it a try, maybe other bloggers have different opinions that contradict from mine. Click the link down below if you would like to purchase these products!

Purchase link:


Some EXTRA details about these products: PERFECT CLEAN CLEANSING FOAM (BLACK BEAN) - Containing 'germinating black bean extracts, full of life and nutrition, instead of purified water. - A firm form which forms rich bubbles. -A deep cleansing foam which adds moisture but reduces irritation. MOISTURIZING SIGNATURE TONE-UP CREAM - Natural tone-up effects that actresses also love. - Highly moisturizing tone-up cream. - Softly melting creamy texture. SMOOTHING SIGNATURE TONE-UP BODY LOTION - Body skin tone care, the more you apply, the brighter your skin will be. - Feel refreshed. Quick absorption.

I hope this posting may help you girls to choose the right products for you skin.
Till we meet again!

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Thank you for reading.


Iqaa Lee.

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