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On 31 March 2018, me and my family went for a short vacation at Ipoh, Perak. It was nothing much but I enjoyed my time there (took lots of pictures!). I went to Museum Yasmin Ahmad & Mini Toys Museum. I vlogged too, will upload very soon. 

Ipoh is a nice place to walk around. Even though I did not spend much time there, but 2 days was enough for me to explore the town. I love how Ipoh keeps its classic and traditional vibes which is very hard to find in Kuala Lumpur. 

I love how the Yasmin Ahmad Museum looks like. It is pretty small but there are things we can learn from her. I must say that she is one of a kind. The ticket price per person is 5.00MYR which for me is quite expensive but worth it.

I visit the Mini Toys Museum too, nothing much and the price is 2.00MYR per person. I can't manage to take nice pictures but you guys can see on my vlog soon.

Ipoh is a nice place for food hunting too! I tried Mee Hailam Ang Ang and it tasted so good! The price range is from Rm7-10!

Here is some pictures that I took. Enjoy! 

Iqaa Lee

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