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We cannot deny that girls and shopping can never be separated. Even our mother or grandmother love to shop from grocery, furniture, and household things needed. But, not all of us are rich like the Hollywood celebrities whom can spend lavishly all the time they would prefer. So, here are some shopping tips for broke girls that love shopping. Enjoy!

1. Thrift Stores Shopping

Thrift stores shopping? Sounds like something "gross" because it is clothes that have been worn by others right? Hey hey hey, don't underestimate the power it has because most of the famous fashion Youtuber and blogger shops at the thrift shop. One of them is Neens which you can find her on Youtube. If you girls know how to mix and match your outfit, thrift shopping is kind if fun and super duper cheap. In Malaysia,  you girls can thrift shop at Bonduro, Jalan-Jalan Japan or The Family Bundle. Hey, try it,  swear you girls will love it. Come on, you can get an RM5 blouse and RM9.90 jeans with super duper good quality. You just need to find the treasure beneath the plenty of clothes there.

2. Set Price Range - Online Shopping

Everyone loves online shopping but bear in mind, not all items on the online shopping sites are cheap. So here are some tips. Do you know that on online shopping websites, there is a box on your right side (mostly), called "Price Range" which you can set the price based on your budget and it will suggest the items on a budget that you wish for. The best online shop that normally has affordable items are obviously ZALORA

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