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Hello girls, I'm back! 
If you guys  follow me on Instagram (@iqaalee_) you guys may know that I already made a review about this Elianto Blushed EDP! Yes, currently it is one of my favorite perfumes that I've been using. It gives you a sweet and subtle smell which I really like! 

They are generous enough to send me this awesome and cute perfume with the pink box packaging which is my favorite color, (which I guess is every girl's favorite color) and let me test it out for a couple of days!

To be honest, I love how it smells but it is not a long lasting perfume which for me, as a student who spends almost 9 hours at the campus, need a long lasting perfume that can make me smell good at all times! You know, it is a must for girls to remain fresh even after a long day. We love to smell good because that is one of our inner confident.

Overall, it is not a bad product, still good and I still love it and I always keep it inside my handbag! 

 If you're the type of person who loves soft & sweet smell, this ELIANTO BLUSHED EDP from @elianto_make_up is definitely for you! Smells like flowers (combination between white floral & fruity mix) that will truly evokes your tropical senses. It will leave some cheerful sentiment to those around you!

Retails for only 59.90MYR. 
Thus, it is a new perfume collection from @elianto_make_up 💓! 

Or you girls can click this link to purchase directly!

Thank you for reading!

Iqaa Lee

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