JOURNAL: 26 & Life is real.

By Iqaa Lee - 02:27:00

 Hello peeps, it has been a long time since I have made any blog posts. I’m back and thank you for 100k visitors!! Yeah! So, where should I start? 

This year, I turned 26 and everything feels so real for me. Things are getting harder and harder. I keep telling myself that “slow progress is still progress” but I still compare myself with others which I know is very unhealthy. 

It is hard to stay motivated all the time. Scrolling on social media and seeing how other people's lives are so lovely, happy and sometimes some random post showed up how such young people achieve something 'big' that makes me so anxious. 

Seeing all this stuff can be a good motivation for me to do better. But one thing ‘deep inside’ that I didn’t realize is that seeing this kind of thing can drain my energy. Feel something is off and everything I do is just..too slow. Like I didn't achieve anything in my life. Which leads me to feel ungrateful and it is bad for my mental health. I used to be such an ambitious person, even until now. But things are not easy since I have been staying abroad for more than one year & it taught me a lot. Like, a lot! From good, to bad things about life.

I saw a lot of posts about gratitude which means thanks or appreciation. Something like a warm feeling that you feel thankful or appreciate about everything that happens in your life and I applied it! In my daily life. I tried and it helped me *at least* to get through my tough day. Well, different people have different ways, but this is what I do to go through my day. Oh, and also one of my 2022 resolutions *where I don't have any this year, YET?* is to consistently make a YouTube video which I already uploaded 6 episodes of my vlog series called ‘Seoul Vlog’! By doing this just makes me feel I have one commitment that I need to fulfil even though I have other commitments too but this is fun stuff to do.

Well, nothing much to say for my first 2022 blog posting, but thank you for your time to read my blog about my life. Until next time, bye! 

As always, Iqaa Lee :)

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