JOURNAL: How time flies.

By Iqaa Lee - 04:26:00


Time flies. After two years of not returning home, it feels good to be back, even if only for a month. I used to say that Malaysia was not for me (well, part of me still believes that), & now I understand what it means to be "where you belong". Even with how ambitious I am, Malaysia is still where I belong too! 
But for now, let's hustle till I make it.

Well, Allah(God) arranged everything just so for me. I got what I wanted, and Allah gave me what I asked for. The most unexpected thing is that I came back just in time so that I managed to attend my own graduation after 2 years of postponing it. I deserve this! I deserve to be on stage and be proud of myself! I still remember how I struggled during my bachelor's degree time, when it was not my first option to study engineering, but I made it.

Well, yes, I am a bit sad to leave everything behind (again), because I know as I grow up, everything is not going to be the same again. All my siblings already have their own jobs or careers, and they will have their own choices in life too. My parents are getting older. Friendships do not last forever; people marry, have families, have careers, and live their own lives.

Life must go on and move forward. Whatever it takes, I need to be strong and achieve what I want in my life. Not only for me, but for my parents and siblings as well. Only God knows what I have been through since I was small and what made me become who I am today.

Till next time, bye bye Malaysia! <3

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