JOURNAL: Taecyeon (2PM), Study and Life.

By Iqaa Lee - 07:29:00

I enjoy being an independent adult living abroad and dealing with everything on my own, but I realize that things would be much easier if I were with my parents and siblings. However, my inner self still wants to travel alone abroad, find work, build a career, and be a smart, beautiful, and self-sufficient woman. I know it sounds cliche, but sometimes, I am tired and lonely at times. Having my fictional 'bias' helps sometimes. Thank you so much, Taecyeon!

I'm not a big fan of k-pop. I listened but wasn't really into it, but I used to have celebrity crushes on people like Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, and Bruno Mars. I've been listening to 2PM since I was in high school, and Taecyeon has always been my favorite, yet because I don't have any money to invest in merchandise, I GAVE UP!

 He's not only funny, but also entertaining! Even though he is the type of person that is really into himself, I love that part of him, which is actually knowing what he wants in life and doing stuff that he loves! Well, to get a man like him seems impossible, so I am inspired to be like him, successful, smart, with a good career, and confident.

 Last week was the first week of my new semester. For the first time after COVID, my school decided to have an offline class. I think I prefer it this way. Not all classes are offline, but at least I got the chance to experience it and get out of my comfort zone to actually commit myself to learning to speak and understand Korean like one-hundred-percent!!

 I was supposed to start doing my thesis, but the only thing that I have done so far is an introduction and an interview with AirAsia regarding my thesis title. Well, I never expected that AirAsia would be willing to help me with this (a big THANKS to them) and let’s hope I can produce something good for Malaysia.

Four months until 2023, and I am completely unprepared to begin the next chapter of my life. I will either pursue my career in industry or academia. I am still not sure which path is best for me. But for sure, I need and I want to be somewhere that I have been dreaming of.

So far, I've tried to appreciate every little thing that happens in my life, and it's what keeps me going. Life is such a roller coaster ride right now, and I'm trying to enjoy and appreciate everything so that I don't feel the impact of the ride. There isn't much to say. I'm doing well, and writing in my blog journal actually helps me feel better!

Thank you & bye! ;)

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